Streetfighter 848 Black

2013 Ducati Streetfighter

The Streetfighter features everything that has made Ducati Superbikes legendary: the breathtaking power of the L-Twin, the superlative suspension set-up, the awesome rear swingarm and racing-derived brakes.

As of today, the Streetfighter family just got bigger: whether you’re aiming to rip up the asphalt with the astonishing power of the latest Streetfighter S or weave through the bends with precision and assured control on the new Streetfighter 848, pure riding pleasure is guaranteed.

Streetfighter 848

Streetfighter 848


Streetfighter Made Perfect

Ducati has taken the streetfighter concept, born on the backstreets of Northern Europe in the late 70s and the 80s, and applied stunning Italian styling to produce an inimitable bike with a Superbike soul and a gritty naked individuality. While the distinctive seat tank line leaves no doubts as to the origins of the Streetfighter, it’s the upright riding position that immediately defines its naked character. The frontend styling is linear and assertive, while the dual right-hand exhaust gives the rear a raised, aggressive look: the result is a bike that oozes confidence.

Controlled Power

To achieve performance and riding pleasure that are awe-inspiring yet also simple and safe, the Streetfighter 848 features Ducati Traction Control with 8 different settings, ensuring that the riding experience is under constant control. The new Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tyres – the rear one with an unprecedented race – derived 180/60 aspect ratio – make sure that the power bites where it’s needed but without compromising on agility. Controlled power, maximum fun.


848 Testastretta 11°

A masterpiece of Desmodromic engine design, the 848 Testastretta 11° can deliver 132 hp at 10,000 rpm and a torque of 9.5 kgm at 9,500 rpm. A direct offshoot of the Testastretta Evoluzione used on the Superbike 848EVO, it makes the most of the Testastretta 11° technology that has already proved so successful on the Multistrada and Diavel, giving awesome torque even at low revs. With respect to the Testastretta Evoluzione the overlap angle has been reduced from 37° to 11° to ensure unbeatably fluid power delivery, a much wider power band and reduced consumption and emissions. The Testastretta 11° maintenance schedule requires valve play regulation just once every 24,000 km.

A dry weight of just 169 kg and the new Trellis frame, with a rake of 24.5° to maximise agility, give the Streetfighter 848 outstanding handling. The cast aluminium rear swingarm, 35 mm longer than on Ducati sport bikes, allows for breathtaking acceleration. An upright riding position gives a sensation of confident control, emphasised by the low-effort multi-plate oil-bath clutch and Brembo radially attached calipers that ensure decisive, modulated braking. Streetfighter 848: strength has never been so smart.

Power House

With its staggering 155 hp and mindblowing 11.7 kgm of torque both at 9,500 rpm the Streetfighter S delivers 100% adrenalin at every twist of the throttle. The 1098 cc Testastretta Evoluzione L-Twin engine features an overlap angle of 41°, straight air supply ducts and specially shaped combustion chambers. Elliptical MotoGPderived throttle bodies and four valves per cylinder ensure stunning torque delivery and unparalleled performance, with constant control being provided by the DTC system and the awesome braking power of the Brembo monobloc callipers.


Control, precision and pure fun: the supremacy of the new Streetfighter 848

The new Streetfighter 848 offers pure motorcycling thrills thanks to its perfect combination of 848 Testastretta 11° engine and a new Trellis frame with Superbike 848EVO derived geometry. Outstanding control and precision make the Streetfighter 848 irresistible. Thanks to the superb handling offered by the new frame, the progressive easy-to-manage power delivery provided by the Testastretta 11° engine, the confidence-inspiring upright riding position and Ducati Traction Control, which keeps watch over the power, this latest interpretation of the fighter concept delivers instant, knock-out riding enjoyment.

Soul of a Superbike. Attitude of a Fighter.

The Streetfighter is a perfect combination of hard-hitting Superbike soul and breathtaking naked styling: in short, pure adrenalin. And when the Ducati “S” treatment is added, that means cutting-edge technical specifications and state – of – the – art components: Marchesini forged alloy wheels, Öhlins suspension, carbon front mudguard and carbon belt cover. Wherever the road takes you, your Streetfighter S will leave its mark. Thanks to the whopping 155 hp at 9,500 rpm delivered by the brawny 1098 cc L-Twin and the 167 kg of aesthetic and technological excellence, the Streetfighter S is ready to rise to every challenge and – thanks to an exceptional power-weight ratio – to wipe the floor with it.

Performance Driven

The Trellis frame, with a headstock rake of 25.6° as opposed to the 24.5° on the Streetfighter 848, ensures maximum stability. At the rear, instead, the new cast aluminium swingarm, longer by 35 mm, permits uncompromising acceleration. Pure motorcycle muscle is also evident on the three-bolt steering yoke, which provides outstanding handlebar rigidity and solidity when changing direction. The ergonomic triangle on the Streetfighter S has been perfected by raising the handlebars 20 mm, giving the rider an even more upright position. Streetfighter S: ready to take command.




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