2016 Brutale 1090

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When you say Brutale, you think MV Agusta. The Brutale 1090 has already made motorcycling history. The child of ingenious intuition, way back in 2001, it redefined the concept of naked bikes.

As the Brutale model that opens the doors to the world of MV Agusta naked four-cylinder motorcycles, the Brutale 1090 represents the perfect combination of performance and handling, technical features, racing aptitude and versatility on every day roads. With its wide range of renewed components, perfected in every detail, the 1090 is more Brutale than ever.

This four-cylinder model is exuberant under all conditions, providing immediate accelerator response: with its 144 HP of maximum power and switchable ABS, the 1090 is the Brutale model that combines performance and safety, offering the rider maximum freedom of choice.

Available in two colour variations with ABS as standard with the most advanced technology and technical features.


Some details on the main features of the MV Agusta Brutale:

  • In-line four, four-stroke engine with two maximum power configurations: 144 hp (106 kW) at 10,300 rpm and 158 hp (116.5 kW) at 11,900 rpm
  • Adjustable 8-level traction control and ABS
  • Modular frame with tubular steel trellis section and aluminium plates offering high torsional stiffness
  • Single-sided swingarm with adjustable shock absorber
  • 50 mm USD forks
  • Brakes with radial front callipers

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    Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.08.47 AMForm and function: following these inspirational principles, the Brutale continues to fascinate. Having immediate impact are the day running lights, arranged symmetrically on either side of the instrument cluster fairing, enhancing the entire front section whilst also making the motorcycle more visible and therefore safer during day and night. Another ray of light comes from the four-cylinder engine, now silver, a colour that emphasises its compactness and the careful placement of each of its elements. The same chromatic range characterises the new wheels, a unique design in the motorcycle world with split multiple spokes that give rise to a captivating design which is at the same time efficient, like the two new twin exhaust silencers, a key element of the Brutale’s configuration, together with the new front lights.


    The Brutale 1090 offers ergonomics and comfort, thanks to the one-piece seat, designed to accommodate both the rider and the passenger. The seat’s contours follow the profile of the tail, completing the design and further enhancing its appearance.The seat offers an impeccable design, its features don’t stop with aesthetics: it’s also ergonomic thanks to its special padding which is designed to prevent fatigue even after extended periods of time. Every trip can thus be faced with the certainty of reaching your destination in maximum comfort.



    The in-line four-cylinder architecture is part of MV Agusta’s history, which is fully expressed in the engine found in the entire Brutale range. The engine displaces 1078 cc, with a bore and stroke of 79 mm and 55 mm respectively. The double overhead camshaft with four valves per cylinder, arranged in a radial pattern, is unique in the motorcycling industry. It is liquid cooled with a separate radiator cooling the oil. Two engine configurations are offered, featuring different maximum power and torque levels. The Brutale 1090 reach 144 hp (106 kW) at 10,300 rpm and 112 Nm (11.4 kg) of torque. The Brutale 1090 RR achieves an impressive 158 hp (116.5 kW) at 11,900 rpm and 100 Nm (10.2 kg) of torque at 10,100 rpm . The gearbox is a six speed, constant mesh, and fully removable: another touch that makes MV Agusta bikes exclusive. The multi-plate clutch in an oil bath on the Brutale 1090 RR employs a racetrack derived slipper clutch unit.


    Brutale 1090 ElectronicsElectronics

    A motorcycle’s instrumentation needs to be legible under all lighting conditions, instantly providing the rider with all the necessary information. Brutale has flanked the large analogue RPM gauge with two LCD displays, one incorporated into the gauge itself and the other to the side. Ice-coloured lighting is available providing a touch of elegance that’s capable of further improving ease of reading. The indicator lights are located on the upper part of the dashboard where they’re always in clear view.

    One of the most impressive features of the Brutale 1090 is its ABS system as standard. Thanks to the computing power and algorithms of the Bosch 9 Plus control unit, in addition to preventing the wheels from locking, this light, compact and technologically-advanced unit even prevents the rear wheel from lifting during extreme braking situations. The result? Safer and more effective braking, on wet or damp surfaces. Maximum safety and minimal braking distances. And if the track conditions are perfect? The ABS system can be deactivated at the touch of a button.



    The composite frame of the Brutale consists of a high-strength tubular ALS steel front section and two aluminium plates in the single-sided swingarm pivot zone.

    This configuration provides an optimal balance between efficiency and weight and gives every MV Agusta a highly distinctive look.

    Basic dimensions and measurements remain unaltered: a wheelbase of 1438 mm on the Brutale 1090 RR (1430 mm on the Brutale 1090) and a trail of 103.5 mm.

    Brakes and Suspensions

    Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.08.56 AMThe braking system on every Brutale motorcycle employs only the highest quality components with two 310 mm diameter floating front discs on the Brutale 1090 and Brutale 1090 R and 320 mm diameter discs on the Brutale 1090 RR; a 210 mm steel disk is fitted to the rear. Both front and rear feature four-piston callipers. The Brutale 1090 RR uses Brembo monobloc front callipers for ultimate braking efficiency at the lowest weight. The ABS system, developed in cooperation with Bosch, is equipped with RLM (Rear wheel Lift-up Mitigation).

    The Brutale continues to be the standard for motorcycle riding pleasure because of its constantly refined and perfected suspension. The 50 mm diameter front fork is fully adjustable by means of special external adjusters with compression on one leg, rebound on the other and spring preload on both. The new fork bottom allows quick release of the front wheel: a touch of functionality typically found only on race bikes. The response of the monoshock can be fully customised with some distinctions depending on the version. On the Brutale 1090 the rebound and spring preload are adjustable. On the Brutale 1090 RR there is a wider adjustment range with variable low and high speed hydraulic compression damping, in addition to the spring preload and rebound damping.



    Four cylinder, 4 stroke, 16 valve
    Timing system
    “D.O.H.C”, radial valve
    Total displacement
    1078 cm3 (65.78 cu. in.)
    Compression ratio
    Bore x stroke
    79 mm x 55 mm (3.1 in. x 2.2 in.)
    Max. power – r.p.m. (at the crankshaft)**
    106 kW (144 hp) at 10300 r.p.m.
    Max. torque – r.p.m.
    112 Nm (11,4 kgm) at 8100 r.p.m.
    Cooling system
    Cooling with separated liquid and oil radiators
    Engine management system
    Magneti Marelli IAW 5SM ignition – injection
    integrated system with Mikuni throttle body; induction discharge electronic ignition; sequential timed “Multipoint” electronic injection
    Wet, multi-disc
    Cassette style; six speed, constant mesh
    Primary drive
    Gear ratio
    First gear: Speed 13/38
    Second gear: Speed 16/34
    Third gear: Speed 18/32
    Fourth gear: Speed 20/30
    Fifth gear: Speed 22/29
    Sixth gear: Speed 19/23
    Final drive ratio


    12 V
    350 W at 5000 r.p.m.
    12 V – 8.6 Ah


    1438 mm (56.61 in.)
    Overall length
    2100 mm (82.68in.)
    Overall width
    780 mm (30.71 in.)
    Saddle height
    830 mm (32.68 in.)
    Min. ground clearance
    150 mm (5.91 in.)
    103.5 mm (4.07 in.)
    Dry weight
    183 kg (403.5 lbs)
    Fuel tank capacity
    23 l (6.07 U.S. gal.)


    Maximum speed*
    265.0 km/h (164.5 mph)


    ALS Steel tubular trellis
    Rear swing arm pivot plates material
    Aluminium alloy


    Marzocchi “UPSIDE – DOWN” telescopic hydraulic fork with external rebound, compression damping and spring preload adjusters
    Fork dia.
    50 mm (1.97 in.)
    Fork travel
    125 mm (4.92 in.)


    Progressive, Sachs single shock absorber with rebound damping and spring preload adjustment
    Single sided swing arm material
    Aluminium alloy
    Wheel travel
    120 mm (4.72 in.)


    Front brake
    Double floating disc with Ø 310 mm (Ø 12.2 in.) diameter, with steel braking disc and steel flange
    Front brake caliper
    Brembo radial with 4 pistons Ø 32 mm (Ø 1.26 in.)
    Rear brake
    Single steel disc with Ø 210 mm (Ø 8.27 in.) dia.
    Rear brake caliper
    Nissin with 4 pistons – Ø 25.4 mm (Ø 1.00 in.)
    ABS System
    Bosch 9 Plus with RLM (Rear wheel Lift-up Mitigation)


    Front: Material/size
    Aluminium alloy 3,50” x 17”
    Rear: Material/size
    Aluminium alloy 6,00” x 17”


    120/70 – ZR 17 M/C (58 W)
    190/55 – ZR 17 M/C (75 W)




    Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.14.54 AM

    Download Brutale 1090 Brochure



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